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Application Essays Can Change The Trajectory Of Your Life

Application essays can change the trajectory of your education, your career, and your life. Whether your goal is to get accepted or win scholarships, we help you create an essay that sets your application apart.

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Graduate School Application Essays

Start to finish tutoring to guide you through writing the essay only you can write.

Application Essay Workshops

Kickstart your application essay through our intensive online workshop process.

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In-depth tutoring on college essays and papers. Have a thorough review of your paper prior to submission for a grade.

College Application Essays

Experienced tutors lead you through the process to craft an  essay that sets your application apart. 

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Improve study skills, including comprehension and retention.

Resume and Curriculum Vitae Assistance

Have professional assistance crafting your resume or Curriculum Vitae prior to applying for a position.

Take Advantage Of The Opportunity To Set Your Application Apart

Test scores and grades are limited in what they can reveal about you. Application essays provide the opportunity to have your unique voice heard.

An exceptional essay carries great weight for decision makers. We’ve seen many applicants get rejected, then, try again – only to be rejected again. Meanwhile, after reading a great essay, these same admissions decision-makers are willing to bend over backward to admit some specific candidate.  The question is, what is it about some candidates that turn admissions officers into advocates for their acceptance? The reality is that if you are preparing for an application, then much of your application is already set in stone. Your grades and test scores speak for themselves.  The crucial element of your application and perhaps the only one that gives you an opportunity to speak for yourself is the personal essay.

Get A Personal Tutor And Experience The Unique Essay Brain Writing Methodology As You Work Through Each Phase Of The Process

Our approach to personal statement writing is not easy.  It demands concerted, determined effort, and we freely admit that it’s not for everyone.  Essay Brain can show you how to fulfill the actual purpose of the personal statement, and we know how to help you utilize that understanding in every phase of the writing process – from initial drafting to finally crafting a truly remarkable essay. 

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