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We set out to revolutionize the application tutoring process with a rigorous, challenging methodology designed to draw the best out of each candidate.

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For Candidates Of All Writing Skill Levels 

Here’s What To Expect From A Program Designed Specifically For Busy Students With Little Time – But Who Need To Write The Greatest Admissions Essay Of Their Lives 

Unlike other online services, we don’t simply make a few suggestions on one draft, or write an essay based on your answers to an online questionnaire. That’s not going to help you write an outstanding personal statement. We won’t just give your piece a quick “once-over” to fix technical errors.  You can get that for free from your local university writing center.  What we offer is a truly unique approach – your tutor will help you sort through ideas, write and draft for understanding, give you doses of teaching, modeling, and insights, and provide guidance through the editing and crafting stages until you have that final, jaw-dropping essay – the one only you can write.

Even If You Don’t Know How To Start – Our Tutoring Team Can Get You From Where You Are Now, To The Finish Line

Application essay tutoring isn’t new. However, at Essay Brain, we don’t use a typical writing method. We challenge you and keep you moving – from the first inkling of an idea, to that final, jaw-dropping draft.

For decades we’ve been tutoring and developing unique methods that are specially fashioned for candidates of all backgrounds and experience levels to help each of our clients make the most of the opportunity to write a personal statement.  The result? Essay Brain methods show even inexperienced writers how to create powerful, engaging essays that can influence the outcome of their applications.  We use our unique methods to guide those candidates with excellent writing skills to find an honest and compelling voice while pushing them far beyond settling for a “good” essay. 


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When we sense an experienced writer, we challenge their assumptions, prod their complacent thinking, and push them to write a truly superb essay.  Essay Brain tutors seek to lead every candidate through the demanding writing process, offering a ‘hands on’ approach to tutoring, coupled with valuable criticism, encouragement, and expertise.  We know what it takes to help you re-create yourself in words that can hold an audience spellbound for those critical few minutes as they read your essay. You must put forth the effort, and with our guidance, you will succeed. 

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Our approach to personal statement writing is not easy.  It demands concerted, determined effort, and we freely admit that it’s not for everyone.  Essay Brain tutors can show you how to fulfill the actual purpose of the personal statement, and we know how to help you utilize that understanding in every phase of the writing process – from initial drafting to finally crafting a truly remarkable essay.  


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How It All Started

We Worked With Hundreds Of Students To Develop The Essay Brain Methodology

In the year 2000 we set out to develop the ultimate system to help people write their personal statements for graduate school applications.  At the time, nothing like what we envisioned existed; there was no company that assisted writers through all phases of the writing process with a methodology specially tailored to the needs of the graduate school applicant.  Indeed, we believed that too many online tutoring services didn’t truly understand the exact characteristics of a personal essay, and therefore they did not know how to effectively teach candidates how to write a great statement.  Through years of reading admissions essays we rarely read an application essay that we thought would help—rather than hurt—a candidate’s application.  That’s when we set out to work creating a methodology that would work for applicants to create a unique, authentic statement that would generate a buzz in the admissions office.

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