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We set out to revolutionize the application tutoring process with a rigorous, challenging methodology designed to draw the best out of each candidate.

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Most applicants focus on writing a great essay that’s going to impress the admissions committee. It’s understandable and natural: these people are evaluating you to determine whether or not to allow you into their program.  That reality makes each applicant carefully weigh the topics and details that go into the essay.

Inevitably there is a sense of either playing it safe and including those details that are most impressive, or attempting to be original, writing something that’s intended to be so out of the ordinary that it becomes a type of written caricature of the candidate. Both have an underlying falseness to them, and consciously or subconsciously, the admissions board is going to sense them that something isn’t quite right with the essay. These essays either do little for your chances, or they actually hurt your application.

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There’s Basically Two “Schools Of Thought” When Writing An Admissions Essay: One Enables You To Write A Great Essay That Only You Could Write, While The Other Makes You Sound Just Like Everyone Else… Which Do You Prefer?

Over twenty years ago we set out to create a method that would guide candidates of all skill levels from the first ideas all the way to the final draft. Not only did we envision a process that would help people through each phase of writing, but we were determined that the process itself would work to facilitate the creation of a truly authentic essay – the essay that was honest, and that revealed the candidate without false attempts to impress. 

We knew that in order to provide the scale of assistance and guidance that would be required to guide applicants through the process of writing a great personal essay, we would have to create a new kind of organization – one that, instead of providing short-term assistance and instruction, could mentor each client in order to help them achieve a significantly better personal statement. Through the years we worked with full classes of applicants, directed area workshops, clinics, and provided comprehensive individual tutoring to students applying to graduate school.

As we witnessed the results over the ensuing years, we’ve seen the personal statements from our clients have a tremendous impact in their successful applications.  And best of all, our clients seem to experience a change, as well.  Many report that their intensive writing experience with Essay Brain tutors helped them in their studies and other aspects of their lives.  We have worked with hundreds and even thousands of students to prove our belief that superior writing methods will produce outstanding personal statements.

The result is a program that assists writers from virtually every background and skill level produce outstanding, ‘difference-making’ personal statements that not only often prove to have a positive impact on the course of their academic careers, but we believe that this unique writing program enhances their own ability to think objectively, express themselves clearly, and what is perhaps most rewarding, our clients come to a clearer understanding of themselves – their true motivations and desires.  That’s why we say that at better application essays work to set your application apart. 

Our Virtual Tutoring And Workshop Options Allow You To Work On Your Application Essay From Anywhere With An Internet Connection

You can work from any location where you can connect – and schedule times when you can either speak with our tutors or work together with other applicants in an online, interactive workshop.  Usually you will hear back from our tutors within 24 hours. Since application deadlines are busier, we recommend starting early so that you have time to work through the drafting process and achieve the best possible result. 

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